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If that doesn't work, please place a request in this forum and we'll either update Webcomic Helper to work with the webcomic or simply manually create a CBW file for it.

I have no particular order here apart from the way I remember them in my head. Some of the webcomics are big enough to be substantial for their creators to work on them alone to support them, and others are independent works created by artists and writers in their spare time.

While I tend to disagree with his manner of evaluation, he points out that a good writer knows his characters as he knows himself. The story itself doesn't have an end in sight, which isn't necessarilly a bad thing, but the fact is that there is no real driving force behind the plot. The Ask Ash feature is nice: you email the author on his alternate email account and he answers quests in character as the main character. Comic Navigation: Buttons appear all to be in order. Simple backgrounds and pencil grayscale are the art's vices.

This is certainly true of Chris, who answers questions in character that he receives on a separate email address, as the character Ash. With 1000 comics, I wish there was a search option.

) gets back into heaven before the bosses find out and make the changes permanent Currently linked without permission. Charlie's story is Mt F and Tom's story is Ft M, but if you are like me you will probably read the whole dang thing and want more.

Venus Envy is simply the best transgender webcomic, period.

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Complexity: I think John Solomon, another comic reviewer, makes a good point in one of his latest updates. After reading it I realized that the real draw here is some actual realistic human interaction (very rare in modern comics), so even if the story isn't your thing (oh God, at first I wrote 'if the plotline isn't a turn on for you': the horror! One change may be more interesting, but that still doesn't explain why Ash has been the center of attention so often. Updates have missed a couple times lately, I think they might have a new child in the family (based on news updates). It's certainly updating a lot more than many comics. You'll get everything you need here and more with little issue. But aside from that, I fail to see much of anything wrong with it, but it lacks the "wow" factor necessary for a 5. Here's wishing for a little more dynanacism and spotlight on the other characters. Here's to wishing there was a more in-depth FAQ, and maybe information about the authors/general comic.

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