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announced today that the Amanda Chantal Bacon company has entered into a partnership with the beauty retailer where Moon Juice’s Beauty Dust — a powder supplement said to rev up your skin’s luster — and Full Moon — a sampler box of Beauty, Brain, Sex, Power, Spirit, and Dream dusts — will be sold in 25 Sephora stores and on beginning September 15.The publication added that the fall launch is part of a larger push to introduce Moon Juice to all Sephora locations, and to position Moon Juice as a robust beauty brand.

You need an absurdly complicated, difficult-to-manage diet that involves lots of seeds, nuts, and supplements no one’s ever heard of.(They are not FDA-approved, and have not been proven to work.Bacon says she worked with herbalists, kinesiologists, and ayurvedic doctors to create them.) These products are now sold on Paltrow’s popular lifestyle site Goop, at Urban Outfitters, in the super-trendy Ace Hotel, and on Net-a-Porter.Chantal and Derek James are a middle-class couple struggling to keep romance alive while dealing with their three young children.Meanwhile, the Tipps need to spice up their love-lives, as husband Galen is too uptight and his wife Marilyn wants to loosen him up.

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  2. This is the time when people often think they have to make a hard decision: to cheat or not? Our brains just seem hardwired to jump to extremes when we're feeling stuck. Right now, it sounds like your problem is mostly about sex.