Cheaper than dating

I’m not asking for them to MARRY me, just be my boyfriend. Snopes debunked the idea that men think about sex every seven seconds. There is a reason why bars are a 100 BILLION dollar industry. They provide two products to men, a variety of women to choose from at varying stages of sobriety to give any man a chance.-T T, OK ladies, I’m going to be sexist here so bare with me. They still found that men think about sex TWICE as much as women. So, it is safe to assume, if someone were addicted to something they would spend most of their time trying to figure out how to get it or support their addiction right? The bars also offer a service to women, the idea that it is a ‘great place to meet guys.’ Most women really want to connect with a man on an emotional level and most really men want to connect sex organs.But we’re not looking at these larger issues; we’re just pulling out the sex function of marriage, and on that point, the economics couldn’t be clearer.” Barnes says he’s not advocating for men to divorce their wives and find a hooker that they like, but for a man whose main motivation is just to have a regular source of sex, then he might seriously consider just going the prostitution route.“Or, better yet, get a girlfriend that you don’t have to marry and who doesn’t expect to eat at fancy restaurants every week,” says Barnes.If it was published today I imagine everyone would be fired and the article censored immediately. speaking if you're a high earning male there's no point at all in getting married.2) Being a player and spinning multiple plates is more expensive then prostitutes too!

At seven dollars a drink, that puts me at around .

(This only applies to women that are looking for emotional connection, if you are of the rare breed that you are attractive, in good shape and only want sex — stop reading this now and email me your phone number) The point of all this, is that the system is broken in our favor — for now — and we intend to take full advantage of it.

Ladies if you want a man to commit you have to string him along and not show him ALL your tricks until you’re married, then you can dump them out on the table and then get fat and there’s not a god damn thing he can do about it then.

Dear Jerk, Why are so many men out there not able to commit?

They have all the right qualifications, but they don’t want to settle down and at least be in a committed relationship.

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That’s at a going rate of around $00.40 per percentage rate.

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