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Meanwhile, 11m men logged on to use the website's chat function compared with just 2,409 women who also checked their messages.

The company was sued in 2012 by former employee Doriana Silva, who claimed she was told to create more than 1,000 fake profiles in order to attract paying customers.

Nigel Shepherd, a partner at the family law firm Mills & Reeve, revealed that a married woman had contacted after discovering her partner's details among the millions of leaked accounts.

He told The Times: "If someone finds out if their partner is set up on a site which exists wholly for facilitating adultery, it's hardly surprising they are taking advice about it." Chris Longbottom, head of family law at Shoosmiths, said that his firm had received around three calls a day since the hackers made their demands last month and said he was expecting many more now that the information had been published.

For example, it helps me be content in my singleness and not scared to grow old.At least two clients may have committed suicide and others have become the victims of extortion, Canadian police said earlier this week."This hack is one of the largest data breaches in the world and is very unique on its own in that it exposed tens of millions of people's personal information including their credit card data," said Bryce Evans, staff superintendent with the Toronto police. The social impact behind this leak, we're talking about families, we're talking about children, we are talking about wives, their male partners." Meanwhile, the first British divorce to arise from the leak has begun. us for this year's Kingdom-minded hackathon where we’ll be participating virtually alongside the Indigenous #HACK ( event, supporting projects happening around the world in 41 different cities.What this means is the majority of our activities will be virtually online as opposed to in-person.

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