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I love her, and I have vacuum cleaners that sound better than that.

I didn’t want to be surrounded by my pasty kind, standing there in our ripped jeans and Howard Dean T-shirts.

She says she posted his name a decade later to help others and at the suggestion of her husband.

Bright Eyes was the sole project of Oberst before getting a full band. If you can name someone else in Bright Eyes, you are probably a better person than most.

And so I've learned to retreat at the first sign of danger.

I mean, why wait around, if it's just to surrender?

Something tells me without the neat haircut, he’d just be Conor, the guy serving me a Mochaccino in Omaha.

Still, if some guy showed up at your house party and started playing heart-tugging songs like Conor Oberst does, you’d be like, "Who is this clown? Which is to say: musical genius is all about the context. Conor Oberst has done more by the age of twenty-four than I’d do with five lifetimes. Now a mother takes loans out, sends her kids off to colleges. While, a coroner kneels beneath a great, wooden crucifix.He knows there's worse things than being alone.Conor Oberst filed the lawsuit yesterday claiming he was libelled by the woman, who he has identified as Janie Faircloth, who claimed she was sexually assaulted by the singer-songwriter at a 2003 concert.An attorney for Oberst filed the civil lawsuit in a Manhattan federal court, with the legal documents claiming Ms Faircloth was a liar who made 'despicable, false, outrageous, and defamatory statements' about Oberst last December.

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