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The relative degree of myelination contributes to the development of shearing injuries, most commonly at the gray–white interface, with a subcortical or callosal location.This may be a reflection of the different densities of gray and white matter.There is extensive atrophy on the right, sparing only the basal ganglia.There is white matter loss and prominence of the sulci.However, it is accepted that the forces generated during a vigorous shaking alone are sufficient to cause devastating cerebral damage Primary injury is that which is caused by the trauma itself.

Therefore the resulting signs of external injury are few, and there is no evidence of a focal impact type cerebral injury.

There is also increased intensity of the gyri on the right (thin arrows), and poor grayñwhite matter differentiation (star) compared to the normal left hemisphere.

(f) T2 weighted (FSE 5100/80 FA 90°) sequence, transverse plane. The left cerebral hemisphere remains normal at this level.

There is often controversy as to the precise mechanism of injury, whether it be a pure shaking-whiplash injury, or whether there is an additional impact injury.

The forces generated with an impact are of an order of magnitude greater than with shaking.

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(d) FLAIR (IRSE 3564 (1600)/120 FA 90°) sequence, coronal plane.

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