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When the organic matter dies, it dies with the specific concentration of C-14 in its tissue (lets limit this discussion to animals) and because it is now dead, the organism is not getting any more carbon from anywhere.Now, The C-14 has a specific half life of 5730 years.

Sorry, that leaves journalists, politicians, and lawyers OUT.

However, first the ridiculous statement that the presenter declared she wanted another Atomic bomb to be dropped in order to engage her miniscule science knowledge is ridiculous. C14 is one molecule that is tested, we work with lots of carbon, C12, C13.... I haven't read all the comments so please excuse me if this has been ranted on before.

Please note that the C-14 isotope has been around since the dawn of time.

I also feel compelled to declare that this episode encompasses all the very best aspects and inventions of Radiolab.

For me that's like a 21st century re-invention of what the Lunar Men did hundreds of years ago; synthesising and sharing science (what was then called philosophy), learning, music, poetry- all of humankind's most amazing discoveries.

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It's not a superation story, fighting mental illness is hard and tiring and unfortunately there are no "wonder drugs".

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