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When they discovered I truly was naive to their practices, I be AME public enemy #1. I am aware that my keystrokes are being read as I type this, that the camera on this phone is most likely recording me, and I'm afraid its still not going to keep me from exposing the dirty truth of murican justice.Scott, if you don't fight back, those who were too weak to fight and ended their lives as a result of cyber bullying/ harassment_ stalking will never be heard.That way, no matter who grabs control of your webcam via the Internet, they'll see NOTHING.The security problems discussed in this blog post are specific to IP cameras -- that is, cameras that connect directly to the internet wihtout a laptop or computer.

The worst part of it, is the astonishing amount of respected and influential people in my community, from churches to the police department, who are either involved init or looking the other way and allowing me and God only knows who else, to suffer completely alone. I have tried numerous times to correctly enter the captcha text but it us too distorted for me to know exactly what each letter is. I'm pissed.) Teresa and Scott, I too am living in the horror that is cyber stalking. I only use "webcams" when I'm doing a work-related meeting/presentation and I only use the business-issued laptop for that.

I just have to remember that my God is still bigger then this monster that has become my reality. Another direct result of my stalkers skill and talented. Malicious rumors have ruined my name, just like you Teresa I am seriously upset. Have no proof except my life has become someone's favorite "show". If I want to post anything "public", I put it on Facebook - never real-time photos or video.

This is not freedom and its an invasion pure and simple I am not respected at work or in my town as though this is all some joke! Mine involved & involves ALL accounts u all list & My Accts r connected with other accts that aren't mine. I can't think of anything so important to visually share at the moment it is happening that is worth the potential issues associated with a security breach.

They have used the same phone to gain access to and ruin 2 smart tvs, my satellite reciever and stole the signal so it beams to their own tv,gained access to accounts and subscriptions and took control over them and locked me out, and a day old 8 Collectors Edition Xbox One.

I'm a nervous wreck and I have tried everything yet I still cannot get it right.

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After I left that company, and took a new job in the same field, I am again experiencing problems identical to the ones at the last job.

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