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Most guys go through a stage in their life when they aren’t looking for a relationship, and a hook-up is all they care about.They want no string sex and won’t feel bad about dropping you once they have had it.Sometimes guys can get carried away when they first meet someone they fancy and only when they have sex, he realizes he isn’t interested.After the thrill of the chase is over, they may realize you’re a different person to what they thought you were or decide you’re not as amazing as they thought.It was then and only then that we swiftly remembered why we needed t​hat toy so desperately in the first place.

The first time you have sex is a milestone in the relationship, and only once this has been reached, guys tend only then to consider whether this person is right for them.Women wield incredible sexual power over men and usually, they will do pretty much anything to get you into bed.Once they’ve done this, the power is gone, and they can look at you with more clarity.Gone are the days of simply getting asked out on a date “j​ust because.”​ We don’t just date.We talk, we text, we hook up, text some more, drunkenly have sex a handful of times, and w​e date.

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Too often we find ourselves caught up in these relationships that aren’t classified as actual relationships.

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