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Gupta - who has been dominating CNN’s coverage of the Ebola outbreak - will stay with the network. In a similar manner, "CNN Money" with Christine Romans that airs on Saturday afternoon will be canceled, but Romans is staying with the network. Velez-Mitchell details, "I spoke to friends very close to that relationship and they said Jodi tried to assume the personna of his ex-wife. She got breast implants to match the ex-wife's breast implants. She worked at the same restaurant, even stood behind the same counter.People would walk in and look and say, 'Who is that, the ex-wife?Oh no, it's Jodi arias.' Now that's creepy."Arias started dating Travis Alexander after they met at a convention in Las Vegas.Velez-Mitchell told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent that Alexander's friends were put off by Arias' possessiveness and they would soon get a first-hand taste of just how extreme it was."A lot of people saw very frightening behavior, red flags.CNN officials have said for weeks they planned to downsize their global staff by about 300 bodies through layoffs and buyouts.

I did an interview with him and he asked if I ate dairy and I said yes and he called it ‘liquid meat’.

“One of the great things of meeting new people is to be able to expose them to an alternative way of living.” But watch out, any woman who expects to date the vegan queen on CNN–remember what PETA’s president said about dating non vegetarians and dumping them once they come to the other side?

A few other highlights from the interview: On how others react to her vegan diet and lifestyle: People are curious.

During the trial, Velez-Mitchell appeared daily on the show of Nancy Grace’s.

She was also featured on CNN's show Larry King Live on several occasions.

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She comes from a mixed race, and her ethnicity is white. , Tru TV and CNN and other national cable TV shows.

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