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"This is where you take your rock-solid information and apply the reality of your situation and personality. I would go crazy and binge."BOTTOM LINE: Study the methods of someone you admire, then figure out how to mimic them in a way that fits your life. Below, break it down into specific monthly, weekly or even daily goals, using the strategies you chose when doing your "homework." This approach takes something overwhelming and makes it manageable. Start by moving the carpool schedule so you can make four workouts a week and have time to shop for healthy food."The pyramid also builds in opportunities for mini achievements. You have more control over your life than it may seem."Accept that yes, bad stuff happens and there are times when we are victims — it's how you respond and move forward that matters," Jillian says."I don't have that killer instinct anymore," she says. It comes from a place of satisfaction, feeling good about where I am and what I've accomplished."We asked Jillian to share seven key strategies that helped her get to where she is today: "People think 'maximize your life' means 'get your sh*t together.' But it means appreciating that you are worthy and capable of having more." they pursue a goal, or what achieving it might look like in their life, or how it makes them feel. Or get very specific feedback from someone who has been there?They haven't detailed it, connected with it or cultivated it." That vagueness makes for lousy motivation. "Ask yourself why you want something, then sketch out your reasons in a journal or on an inspiration board. Jillian names Suze Orman and Maria Shriver as hers. "Keep in mind that there are usually several ways to reach a goal. They motivate you and help redefine how you see yourself," Jillian says."People say, 'I want to be healthy.' But what does that mean? Jillian, for example, decided to move forward with her tour (despite the hardship of moving her family into a bus for a month at a time) because she enjoys connecting with people in person — her "why." "I'd get hired for speaking engagements and realize, I got into this line of work, honestly, because of my own loneliness. BOTTOM LINE: Drill down as far as possible into your "whys" to keep yourself motivated as you pursue your goal. Read and learn everything you can about whatever it is you want, including the steps other people have taken to achieve it, so you can pick effective strategies and form a game plan. Jillian remembers having been asked once how many calories to eat when dieting. "Sometimes, when I finish writing a chapter of a book, I'll go, 'Damn, I'm good at this!"Uninformed or misinformed action, impulsive or emotional action — it's like taking a wrecking ball to your life," Jillian says. They've done it for themselves, helped other people do it, and have a track record." Jillian looks to the strategies of female "superachievers" to find inspiration: "I study Oprah, Diane Sawyer, Madeleine Albright, Eleanor Roosevelt. "I said, 'Never go below 1,200 [a day].' The woman freaked out because Bob [Harper, another trainer and Jillian's friend] had written something that [recommended eating] 800 calories," she says. ' Or, I recently developed a program for small-group fitness and thought, Take responsibility.K., launching a Kmart clothing line and exploring a return to TV.Between sips of espresso, Jillian scrolls her i Phone and rattles off the day's schedule, which is packed with meetings, a business dinner, a three-mile run and an appointment with her shrink.

I’ve never watched any other than the kettlebell one. I don’t hate Jillian Michaels, but I hate some of the things she does.

' I am extremely appreciative of the In reality, Jillian is self-aware and introspective, thanks in part to having been in therapy since the age of 5 and having a close relationship with her mom, Jo Ann Mc Karus, a psychotherapist in her 60s. OK, cool." While growing up, Jillian struggled with her parents' divorce, rebelling and eventually leaving her mom's home to live with her dad. After Jillian left home for the second time, Jo Ann agreed to pay Jillian's rent for a year, and for her therapy and health insurance, as long as her daughter went to school and got a job.

"My mom gave me enough self-worth to carry me through difficult experiences," Jillian says. "She gave me enough to do something, but not enough to do nothing," Jillian says.

And that's just But Jillian wouldn't trade the new demands on her time for anything — not even a return to the show that made her famous.

The real Jillian, who instantly comes off as open, funny, empathetic and warm, says she's nothing like harsh, shrill Jillian, although unfortunately that perception persists.

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