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Many thousands of Aegean Macedonians came to Victoria in the post war period, today the largest group of Aegean Macedonians can be found in Victoria.

For everything UMD has done till now, for all of your individual and collective accomplishments, I am pleased that I had the opportunity to personally present you the Republic of Macedonia’s highest recognition for the Diaspora, as gratitude for everything UMD has done.

Pečalbari (the man in the family) would go and work overseas to earn money then return home with the spoils. The two major waves of early Macedonian immigration, according to Peter Hill, were when in 1924 America implemented tougher immigration policies and in 1936 when the Ioannis Metaxas regime came into power.

By 1921 there were 50 Macedonians in Australia, by 1940 this number had reached over 6,000., the majority of whom were from Lerin, Kostur and Bitola.

Many "pečalbari" decided to settle and they travelled the countryside looking for work as itinerant labourers.

Others established market gardens or small businesses in both rural and city areas.

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