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You will then be able to make multiple reports without any time delay. (3) Jagex added several categories for reporting whatever you feel should be reported.Right click player or conversation, select most appropriate category you feel it fits and you've sent a report.Please guest with us a few days to see if our chat is what you're looking for. Citadel plots are never locked and open to use as much as needed. Our policy is for clan Officer(s) to private message member to request an apology.Tier-7 citadel so all plots complete which give max xp. Any member continuing to use blatant profanity, vulgarity or obscenity will be dealt with under Disciplinary Rules below, which provide for immediate kicking when necessary.(3) No arguing, overt or covert drama, rants or bullying in clan chat.We have zero tolerance for botters and macroers, so be mindful if you leave cc to bot or macro you will be found and kicked on the spot.

You may change to another of your accounts but bear in mind you will lose all accumulated xp and have to start over from the bottom.(6) Behave like mature adults no matter your age.Our chat is known throughout Rune Scape as being friendly and welcoming to all.We are a drama-free family friendly no profanity chat. My pm is always on so happy to answer any questions. In order to ensure that everyone fits well within Fealty Stars clan culture, we have the following rules which all members must follow.(1) All Jagex Rules Apply Rules Of Runescape(2) No profanity, vulgarity or obscene language in clan chat ...(B) Private Chat: (1) Jagex has built-in game controls, with several applicable categories for reporting unwanted pms, which are superior to any action we could take regarding any form of private communication. (2) Jagex has built-in tools for rapid repeat reporting.Go into Controls panel on right bottom, then check Right Click Reporting box.

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