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In its original American broadcast, "The Big Game" was watched by 9.47 million; down 0.72 from the previous episode.

"The Big Game" received mixed reviews with some of the reviewers praising Burrell's acting and Phil's plotline.

Mitch tries to get the letter back and after several attempts he manages to do it and the two of them go to watch Cam's football game.

He gets to his office but the moment he leaves the letter, Charlie arrives and starts telling Mitch that his girlfriend dumped him and he has no place to stay.He tries to get in the house through the window and when he does he goes out to take his things and he manages to lock himself out again.He gets ready just in time when his clients arrive just to learn that they do not want to buy the house anymore.Back at school game, Cam's team wins due to Manny's (Rico Rodriguez) final kick and Cam and the team is over the moon.Manny though is not as excited as the others are, since he wanted to miss the kick and let the other team win because they were playing for their coach's memory.

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Dylan asks her to go to the movies but because of an exam, Haley can not accept his invitation and Dylan can not go to the earlier view because he has to meet his classmates from nursing school.

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