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But that was before I shared a link to the site with a grey hat hacker friend, who replied in short order with the entire username and password database of more than 3,000 paying customers.Initially, I assumed my source had unearthed the data via an SQL injection attack or some other database weakness.They also have a special way of dressing and relate, they spend lavishly, love material things, and go to clubs.They are prominent at night parties picking prostitutes at night.The Yahoo boys usually brag, sag, do things loudly, drive flashy cars, and change cars frequently.They turn their music loud and wear expensive and latest clothes and jewelry.The Nigerian government is not sympathetic to victims of these schemes, since the victim actually conspires to remove funds from Nigeria in a manner that is contrary to Nigerian law.” Oddly enough, a large percentage of the keylog data stored at Best Recovery indicates that many of those keylog victims (available from the Library of Congress here or via this site for a fee), much of the 419 activity takes place in cybercafes, where “bulk tickets are sold for sending spam emails and some systems are dedicated to fraudsters for hacking and spamming.” Perhaps some enterprising Nigerian spammers simply infected a bunch of these cybercafe machines to save themselves some work.It is also possible that vigilante groups which target 419 scammers — such as Artists Against 419 and 419— were involved, although it’s difficult to believe those guys would bother with such a rudimentary service.

New victims are indexed by date, time, Internet address, country, and PC name.

“While such an invitation impresses most law-abiding citizens as a laughable hoax, millions of dollars in losses are caused by these schemes annually,” the FBI warns.

“Some victims have been lured to Nigeria, where they have been imprisoned against their will along with losing large sums of money.

Also known as “advance fee” and “Nigerian letter” scams, 419 schemes have been around for many years and are surprisingly effective at duping people. residents working in Nigeria or Ghana, asking for money to further their studies, care for sick relatives, or some such sob story.

The schemes themselves violate Section 419 of the Nigerian criminal code, hence the name. More traditionally, these miscreants pretend to be an employee at a Nigerian bank or government institution and claim to need your help in spiriting away millions of dollars.

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As it happens, the entire list of users is recoverable from the site using little more than a Web browser.

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