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Gazing at it, Leslie glumly told Ron that she was on the bad side.

Fortunately, it was that time in the episode when Ron can put down his human-deflector shields briefly and dispensed some sage advice: “You know what makes a good person good?

Oh, oh, right — you’re talking about Ben and Leslie.

Indeed, the lengths to which Ben went this week to be with Leslie (AND to allow her to keep her permanent record relatively unblemished) was an unabashedly noble romantic gesture, and one that further cemented these two star-crossed civil servants as one of prime time’s most endearing will-they-or-won’t-they couples in recent memory.

For Wednesday night concerts, a parking fee of per car will be charged for cars without a Norwalk Resident Pass.

(If only the speed-reading Chris were on their side!From the moment the episode opened on Leslie and Ben holding hands in Chris’ office, we knew these two were ready to fight for their right to kiss each other on their respective mouths.Chris was shocked by their relationship revelation – not just because Ben usually prefers tall brunettes – and said he’d be launching an investigation into their wrongdoing by holding an ethics trial on Monday morning.But after emitting a series of weird noises to prevent stenographer Ethel Beavers from hearing Leslie attempt to enter his address into the official record, he fled the scene, having detected the scent of ex-wife Tammy 2. “He’s just a maintenance worker, NASCAR enthusiast, I believe, and oh, interesting tidbit: I once bribed him to keep my relationship with Ben private,” Leslie nervously told the camera.(“I can smell the sulfur coming off her cloven hooves.”) Ah, this was Chris’ “killer witness.” (Megan Mullally’s cameo was all too brief, though, as Chris reminded her mid-lie that he’d fire her if she committed perjury, so she bailed.) Another point for Knope. We gulped through the commercial break and then watched some footage from the season 3 finale (including the producer’s cut), which showed George spotting them kissing, and being paid off with a spa gift certificate that rejuvenated his face. After failing to prove that he was sight-impaired, a panicked Leslie requested a 55-day recess.

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