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The Judahites lived in the Egyptian delta region, they were witnesses to the results of the eruption of Thera., Falling tephra would be the fire they witnessed in the sky.Most of this tephra would have burned in the atmosphere before reaching ground level.Pumice found at Tell el-Ajjul in the Gaza strip,is from Horizon 5 and this correlates with phase D1.2 at Avaris toward the end of the reign of King the Mid Bronze/ Late Bronze transition.At Alalakh, Tell Atchana in Turkey, Minoan frescoes have been found including sprays of leaves typical of LM IA frescoes, in the palace of Yarim Lim III.The LM IA period continued for a little time after the eruption and a longer time before the eruption.When a date for the eruption is agreed upon the LM IA period should be sub-divided into LM IA The pumice from Thera numbering over 400 pieces has New Kingdom provenance..There is at least 100 years between the date of the Cycladic island eruption of Thera in the Middle Bronze Age as calculated by Archaeology and the Radiocarbon date.

Ceramic evidence indicates the eruption of Thera was in the LM IA period.

However this has worked well with Dynastic Egypt using short lived material from Upper Egypt (Bronk Ramsey). This indicates regional aberrations as the cause of the anomalous results.

Volcanic activity at Thera had started long before the Plinian eruption.

King Ahmose was a late contemporary of the Hyksos King Apepi of Avaris (c.1585-1545) and of the last Hyksos King Khamudi (c.1545-1535).

There is literary evidence for the contemporaneity of King Kamose the predecesssor of King Ahmose and Apepi of the Hyksos.

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