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Some organizations ensure encryption of chats while others don't.For example, if you contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Lifeline) Crisis Chat, you will be connected with one of many crisis centers across the United States according to your zip code.Suicide prevention chats are real-time interactions between a person in crisis and a trained responder.These suicide prevention chats are available through several organizations, some 24 hours a day, seven days a week.Federal Communications Commission rules say that "routing multiple toll-free numbers to a single toll-free subscriber" is usually considered hoarding.

The Lifeline chat is available seven days a week from p.m.- a.m. Suicide prevention chats are like other types of online chatting in that two parties will be typing to each other in real-time.

Anyone who is in any form of crisis, be it because of mental illness like depression, financial concerns, family problems or suicidal thoughts and feelings is encouraged to contact a suicide prevention chat or lifeline.

Some people want a bit of extra information about these chat lines before they call, though, so here is some additional information on how suicide prevention chats work.

In the fall, authorities sent subpoenas to several, including Prime Tel, asking for information on how they acquire numbers and why.

And in October, federal agents and Philadelphia police spent two days removing records from National A-1's office suite, although it is unclear if the action was related to the phone business.

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