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The rest of the waste is either sold for scrap value to natives or used as landfill in Sardis's upscale residential developments.

Chilliwack has it's own currency, known as the 'Wack Guilder.

Householders dump their domestic and yard waste in one area, located at the foot of Vedder Mountain.

Local citizens regularly gather to sift through the debris, collecting beer bottles, cans, and other precious gems.

This innovative operation created regular part time employment for at least two local natives and gives a warm dry place for dozens of others to linger.

Notably, the city leads the nation in online marketing scams, and sales of dubious quality health products.

Itinerants collected glass bottles from the streets, garbage bins, and people's homes in exchange for Mc Donalds food vouchers.

Tourism plays a large part in Chilliwack life, the renowned Cultus Lake being quite close to town.Counter-Flow Traffic Operations Schedules - Greater Vancouver, Designed to help keep traffic flowing in both directions during peak weekday morning and afternoon periods.Human Library March 15 10 am to 1 pm Atrium, Chilliwack campus at CEP UFV’s Human Library will come to life on Wed, March 15 at the Chilliwack campus atrium.Staff members at the UFV Chilliwack campus library have been busy collecting “human books” and they will be on hand to interact with students and the public in a speed-dating format from 10 am to 1 pm.“Our mission is to present unique experiences that challenge peoples’ understanding of stereotypes and educate people on diversity,” says Lisa Morry, a UFV library technician and part of the committee planning the project.

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Chilliwack is unique amongst Canadian municipalities, being the only one in the country not to have its own dump.

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