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Such passionately angry characters cannot interact rashly with the subject of their fury until the passage of a few days gives them an opportunity to cool down.

In addition to dates, sims can head out for a night on the town with a group of several friends all at once.

Another element that influences their chemistry is 's new Attraction system which adds two "Turn-Ons" and one "Turn-Off" to every character in the game.

Examples range from mundane preferences like Blonde Hair and Great Cook to some of the game's more eclectic ideas like Full Face Paint and Vampirism.

Efficient time management is important to success, but two sims with compatible ideas of fun will naturally have a better time together.centers on a theme of getting sims out of their homes and interacting in a variety of community lots such as restaurants, dance clubs, and bowling alleys.There's a particular focus on developing romantic relationships, with all the pleasures and jealousies they entail, as well as new concepts such as enjoying an outing with friends, vehicle ownership, and vampirism.Like most expansion packs, One of the most significant new interactions is the ability for one character to ask another out on a date.Once accepted, this kicks off a sub-game where the the participants' current desires are replaced by ideas of what they'd like to do with the other: chat, dine out, dance, kiss, and so forth.

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