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Melinda Messenger and husband Wayne Roberts have decided their marriage is over.

The former glamour model and Wayne, who were teenage sweethearts, tied the knot 14 years ago and are mum and dad mum to Morgan, 12, Flynn, 10, and Evie, eight. It’s one of those things,’ confirms Melinda‘s agent.

Suddenly Melinda Messenger was the Spice Girl of the "glamour" modellin' world. Says Wayne, 22, of Melinda's shock success: "I went through every emotion." Sadly, our heroine has fallen out with her mum, Avis, over her breast-baring tendencies.

"Mum's never going to be happy with what I'm doing," explains the lovely.

Shell suits to riches: Melinda Messenger had a nice little job in marketing, thank you very much, when she was "discovered".

Modelling in her underwear in a local double-glazing firm's poster - the genre of 1,000 Advertising Standards Authority complaints - Melinda was plucked from small-town anonymity to spark a huge tabloid war by grimy organs wishing to feature her charms. I thought the fuss would die down, and I'd go back to my marketing job, but the phone never stopped ringing with modelling offers." Toy boy: Despite fame, fortune, and a dinner invitation from Val Kilmer, Melinda has stuck by her man. Wayne Roberts was a roofer working for his dad when the pair met in a nightclub in Swansea, as you do.

Its very amicable.’ The couple broke up in 2008 for 8 months but were reunited.

Main claim: Breasts and business sense have conspired to make Melinda Messenger the Samantha Fox of her day - a Page Three girl turned contemporary cultural icon. Authentically and fortuitously named to sound more like a Play Station adventure-game heroine than a 27-year-old from Swindon, Melinda has now soared beyond the arena of the much-thumbed, ketchup-stained chest shot to... Appearance: The Pamela Anderson of the southeast (sort of), prize-winning bulldog meets Cheshire beauty-parlour manageress. This is the message that has been constantly pushed out since Melinda sparked a tabloid feeding frenzy and suddenly became the topless lovely of the moment. With her soft little "Oooh-Arrr" accent, her new, six-bedroom Swindon farm house, and her football shirt-favouring boyfriend, Melinda Messenger is the archetypal girl-next-door made good.

From October, she is to host her own chat show, "Melinda's Big Night In". Home girl: Melinda is just a nice, small-town girl, you understand, with solid values and a fiance called Wayne.

This time pals reckon the split is ‘for good’, reports the Mirror.

‘We’ve been together for 15 years and we’ve got three kids, Melinda explained when they healed their rift four years ago.

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