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If I had to break it down, I can think of four progressive categories she’s going to be in. I don’t know if I think that a girl knows more or less instantly if she likes you or not.

Just tucking this away in the back of your mind might help you to better direct your energy and your monthly texting allowance. I know I’m not really like that myself, I have many times been surprised to fall for someone who I didn’t think very much of the first couple of times I met her.

But like you said its good to not waste energy on level 1 disinterest and know when to just pull the plug.

Thank you for the comment, Pros, but I don’t want to confuse girls who are interested in you quickly with unattractive girls.

If she only kinda likes you and the logistics are against you, your odds of moving the needle higher are not good.

Like seeing seduction as getting a girl to kiss you after you push-pulled, or getting them give you their phone number because you were wearing a clown suit. Seduction is a process that goes FAR beyond the night you meet at the bar. But once your target stops doubting your motives, and you are continually planting the seeds where her void is exposed and needs to be filled, and tremendous moment of emotions are release.

I meet plenty of Level 1’s who I don’t find attractive either, and I’ve met plenty of attractive Level 3’s. Who would want to walk around the bar trying to “game” girls who aren’t that into them when they can meet attractive girls who ARE into them? GK, I agree, that of course, there are 4 stages (or maybe more appropriately, zones) of a woman’s interest in you. Just because I wrote that I think PUA is generally a load of dogshit, doesn’t mean that I don’t think things are static and that if you initially fall into a Lower Zone, that it isn’t worth your time trying to get into another.

The word seduction gets thrown around in the community rather flippantly, but very few actually understand it.

Being a student myself, in a school full of hot babes :), I’ve had the experience to see som transitions between the levels.

Sadly, the girls I’ve been seeing in school have transitioned from what felt like a level 3 to a level 2.

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